Thicker Skin: Keep it Together, Woman (Dear Cookie Monster)

Thicker Skin: Keep it Together, Woman

Dear Ana,

I (23) don’t care if you write or not.

Writing without a purpose is pointless.

Writing just to vent isn’t constructive.

Writing just to write is annoying.

But you’re right, this is a good tool. 

You can’t use it right now to its full potential, but maybe you should write anyway so you don’t stop entirely.

Just keep it brief.

And keep it together, woman.

No wifi and you fall to pieces. Talk about first world problems.

Yes, I’m “invalidating” you because you need to be invalidated.

Either grow a pair or keep your mouth shut. I’m so tired of listening to you.

You have the world at your fingertips, and yet all you do is complain and hide inside and snivel whenever someone gives you a second look.

People are going to stare because you are in their country and look really different compared to everyone else.

Get over it. 

It was your choice to come here. This is their home and you are a guest, so they can stare all they want.

Grow a thicker skin.

I am so tired of you falling apart all the time.

I just want to stay in bed.

I’m so tired of everything.

Twenty-Three (23)


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