Virus: Letting Impulses Run Their Course (Dear Cookie Monster)

Virus: Letting Impulses Run Their Course

Part I:

So, it turns out my phone plan lets me set up a personal hotspot because I have unlimited data. So, I’ve had wifi this whole time. So, I want to pull my hair out.

I need to work on my language skills.

Part II:

Dear All,

The bingeing is turning into a binge fest.

I’m freaking out because I was starting to go down in body volume and that was so nice. I don’t want to swell up again.

I’m so tired of all this.

I am just going to breathe and let this thing run its course like a virus. Getting upset or angry just makes everything worse. If I “need” to binge, I will.

I’m not going to fight a war. Seriously, whichever one of you is driving this, have all the fun you want because I’m not your mother and I’m not going to stop you.

You are wonderful and smart and funny and perfect. I’m not going to stuff you in a box, whip you into shape, or try to change you.

Just relax.

Now, let’s give Twenty (20 years old) a chance to write.



Whoever this is


That took 5 seconds to write. That would have taken over 30 minutes on my phone. I am so happy right now.



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