Housekeeping: Dear Cookie Monster

Housekeeping #1

Here is the housekeeping letter we were talking about writing once per week. This is the 1st one, so it’s bound to be terrible, but let’s just do this.

Weekly Writing Prompt:

What 3 magical and instantaneous wishes would you like? Why is it good that you can’t have them magically and instantaneously?

This will give you all something constructive to focus on, which hopefully will keep the diary writing down to a minimum. If you’re dying to share about your day, go for it, but please make sure it serves some sort of purpose. We were all there and already know what happened, so just writing for the sake of writing is of little use to anyone.

Hopeful Changes:

  • Actually comment on other blog posts besides just reading them. This will not only help you stop being so self-focused all the time, but also increase your awareness of other people and their amazing work
  • Look through subscribers and read some of their stuff
  • Go back and link posts
  • Edit titles & captions on photos

Summary of letters (from the previous cycle):

Ana (age 25) – A Hot Bath: Unmet Needs

  • She talked about using things she learned in eating disorder treatment to perpetuate her eating disorder.
  • Why she does that: this lets her keep bingeing to meet needs because that is the most comfortable, although not most effective way, to do so.

Unknown – Hole: Burying Emotions

  • Jumbled pessimistic rant about hating her job, hating hospitals (which is why she still hasn’t gotten that prescription filled), being terrified of psychiatric hospitalization in a foreign country (understandable), and hating everything about her life in general but lacking the energy to do anything about it.

Twenty-Three (age 23) – On Fiction: Expression Without Confrontation

  • She reviewed our use of escapism over the years to avoid anything in life that made us uncomfortable (basically everything).
  • She talked about how writing a fictional novel inspired by her hospitalization helped her both avoid reality and come to terms with what happened in a non-confrontational way.

Unknown – Losing Time: Waking Up From the Past

  • Another jumbled rant about losing so much of her life to her eating disorder, addiction issues, and depression.
  • She is horrified that it is still happening and feels powerless to do anything about it.

Twenty (age 20) – Unsustainable Change: The Logistics of Living Bipolar

  • She discusses how constant cycles of depression and dysfunction make her unmotivated to improve her life: everything always falls apart in the end.
  • Writing, however, is something that can withstand a cycle of depression and remain intact once she reemerges. She resolves to recommit herself to writing, particularly by editing the book Twenty-Three (age 23) wrote.

Fifteen (age 15) – Depressive Apathy: Not Caring About Not Caring

  • Basically a diary entry trying not to be a diary entry.
  • She writes about a phone call with her doctor from home and her unwillingness to even consider his suggestions.
  • She does not care enough about herself to take care of herself, and she barely cares about not caring – overall a bleak outlook on the future.

But, fear not! Tomorrow is a new day and it’s only one hour away.

Take care,


Whoever this is / All of us


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